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Barb Murphy is....


"Blues, Rock, Country & a Hell of a lot of Soul ~ You're Hearin' Janice Joplin, Feelin' Etta James, Rockin' with Sass Jordan & Hangin' with Bonnie Raitt"


As a singer/song writer, her passion compels you, her sincerity inspires you, and her soulful voice will resonate deep down into your soul"

“You always give me goose bumps.”

“Keep singing, Barbie Doll it’s good for you and those around you!”

”That was Incredible!”  ”Wow!”  “Powerful".

From writing poetry and free style piano playing in her younger years to writing small musical comedy scripts, performing at 100’s of music jam nights, and a .25 cent thrift store “How to Play the Guitar” book, Barb Murphy became a singer/songwriter and recording artist in her early 20’s.

Throughout the years she has performed on many stages, large and small with a variety of established artists and local performers. Barb has worked back stage on different music festivals, benefit concerts and charities making friends with the people who are passionate about music in all areas is very important to her! “There is nothing like being with a group of people who Love everything you Love about Music too!”

Chosen for her song writing style and ability by Roy Forbes aka ‘Bim’ and Bill Henderson  she attended a song writing workshop with them, Shari Ulrich and other established and up and coming song writers.   


While recording in Kelowna, BC studios, she formed the group “Barb Murphy & the Dolls” to promote her new singles. The group gained popular appeal, rapidly selling out her Pre-CD Song release and her continued recording acquired the attention of well established music industry icons. 

" Hi Barb! You have a wonderful voice! I look forward to working together, let's do it. Good news! Spoke with **** (a music publisher from Nashville) & I told him about you he said yes, he'd like to hear the songs. Woo Hoo! Here's my plan, tell me if it's okay with you…….Whaddaya think? Have a great day!"

Best regards, BYRD    Vocal Coach/Artist Development



From this encounter, Debra Byrd was able to put Barb Murphy’s songs in front of a young top charting band that are interested in recording one or more of her songs! 

Working back stage with Dr. Hook, she became friends with a band member and bass player, Joey Z. Through that friendship, Barb Murphy had the opportunity to have a mixing ICON agree to mix one or more of her songs.  “I’m looking forward to hearing your music!  Jay Messina, Engineer West End Sound New York, NY USA                                                                                                                                                                                      

Another back stage encounter and a decade of acquaintanceship, she was patted on the back for “Single Life of Songs” compilation, “I've listened to your CD and I love it! It sounds really gooooood! Nice one.”

Mike Fraser, Mixing Engineer Warehouse Studios, Vancouver BC Canada                                                                                    

“Love working with you Barb!  You know what you want, you’re easy to work with, you’re professional in all you do and you’re great fun! Thanks for using me to Engineer your tunes and loved having you sing on my CD, ‘Everything and the Box it Came In”.  With his relaxed demeanor and extreme professionalism mixed with his over the top talent, Barb Murphy quotes, “I have had the extreme delight and pleasure to work and become very dear friends with Jimmy LeGuilloux ….Love Jimmy!”.                                                                                                                                                                  

Barb continues writing and recording as much as possible as well as supporting her daughter, CJ, while owning and operating a Cabin & RV Resort in the Kootenay’s.                                                  

As one of Barb Murphy’s Dolls her daughter, Crystal “CJ”, has found much success with one of Barb Murphy’s original songs.

                                                   As quoted from

“In 2012,  CJ  placed Top 20 out of 4 Countries (U.S.A, Canada, Europe, and Australia) in "Arbonne's Got Talent" as the only Canadian Singer/Songwriter with an original song, written by her mother Barb Murphy. Moving on to competing at the MGM Grande in Las Vegas, NV, in front of a live panel of celebrity judges, leveling the 18,000 in attendance with her rendition of Keith Urban's - "Someone Like You"; she placed Second Runner Up. In 2016, a close friend introduced her to Devine Taylor, Music Business Mentor & The Ultimate Management Group T.U.M.G, who connected her with two-time CCMA- winning MCC Recording Studio, Dave Temple and Grammy-nominated producer Johnny Gasparic (Calgary). MCC has a working relationship with her long time friend & Canadian Country Music success Gord Bamford, who is now involved on her projects. Her New Single 'Beat of the Night' was recorded at MCC Recording Studio, Calgary AB with Gord Bamford's Studio Recording Band recorded at the same Studio.  Musicians who contributed to 'Beat of the Night' success, as Chris Bryne from the Road Hammers, Russel Broom played with Jann Arden, many other Artists and many written works.”

As a proud Mother she continues writing and recording. CJ and Barb Murphy are aiming at putting a few Mother & Daughter tunes together for all of you, hopefully in the near future.  Meanwhile Barb Murphy is....still singing!

"Sing'le Life of Songs is..." a collection of broken hearts, incurable cravings, sweet moments & wishful dreams.

Through her songs, she invites you to come on a music journey with her and the girls that are both genuinely personal and lightheartedly humorous yet with a bold tell it like it is spirit. Songs filled with human frailties about loving and letting go, about asking and receiving, songs about the heart and from the heart.

Murphy’s Doll’s feel a genuine connection through the songs they sing with Murphy, sharing much of the same sentiments, (and the same taste in wines) “it’s how we all have felt, at times, single or not” says the Dolls, “and now we can have a little laugh and rock them out!” After all, one of the Dolls has a very close connection with Murphy, being her daughter, Crystal.

As Barb tells it with a little Irish humor, “I will continue a journey of self-discovery (scary!), that I hope will intrigue your mind and rouse your heart and soul (include 2 Advil before bed works, if you had too much wine).  I hope you feel a connection with my heart and well, I hope you know you're not alone. Most of all, I just hope!”

In conclusion and after you have had the chance to listen to Barb Murphy and the Doll’s song collection, 'Single Life of Songs' is being labeled as “amazing tunes” perhaps you will be left with these same sentiments, as some music enthusiasts in the business have said,

“She takes us back in time, just to bring us to the present.” …“I love the songs and I love listening to her voice…. and where did she get those backup singers?!” …“What an expression of Heart!” 

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