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Sing'le Life of Songs Bio

      Once upon a time in a tiny town in the middle of the snow peaked mountains there lived this young hearted, strawberry blonde haired little girl who set her heart on true, honest heartened love. She developed early into a voluptuous young woman and was shy about how she looked. She daydreamed of a loving husband, a house full of children and to live happily ever after.  She was teased for her voluptuousness, some girls were meanly jealous because she would catch the eyes of boys’ years older. Adults expected much more from her consistently. These dynamics drove this young innocent hearted girl to become rather tomboyish; she was tough, hard headed and acquired a lack of trust in others.

     She was far too young when she became pregnant and far too young to be married. She divorced and raised her daughter on her own. She lost her closest dear cousin in a tragic accident; she lost other friends and family members seemingly in succession and then yet another horrific tragedy as she lost another friend while in the same accident, she lost her soul. She remained in the hospital for months, her strawberry blonde hair was dark and dull, her young face was damaged with scars.  Her eyes were sad, she had no use of her legs and her beautiful child screamed when she was reintroduced to her.

She excitedly returned home to the small town that she held dear to her heart yet the town had seemed as if to turn against her. Every where she turned it was as if the world she knew had crumbled all around her. After healing for awhile, she took her daughter and left to create another life, in another town far, far away.  

     Her daughter grew up along side her becoming so beautiful, brilliant and talented as she poured her heart into doing a good job even though some tried to take her daughter away from her. She continued to yearn deep inside for real honest heartened love. She met men; they used and abused her heart. Although she always had humor, she had become damaged.  

After the last boot and back hand she would EVER tolerate, all that remained was a saddened but stronger spirit and an old school band guitar he left in the closet.  She would mumble at it many times, “son of bitch” as it was in the way of their shoes and the coats her daughter would sling into the closet after school. 

She was a single mother on a strict budget but one day she went into a used Book store to see if she could find one of those nice old stories from her past that she could buy as a gift to her daughter. As she browsed the store she noticed this one book that leaned up against the till, “Special $.25”. She picked it up and she smiled as she read, ‘Learn to Play the Guitar’.  Yes, not a fancy name, it’s just a picture of a guitar but she thought to herself, “why not!?”  She took that book home and started on Chapter One. As most things that she learnt in her life were not about starting at Chapter One, it was about starting where most would read ‘The End’.  So, she flipped to the back of the book, started to learn the chords and her first song was 3 chords dedicated to her Daughter! “I Wish” was the title.  It was everything she wished for her daughter that she never had.


    She and her Sister, on a strict budget of $20 - $10 each, would hit every Sunday night Jam.  There she met her music inspirations members of the former band 'Threshold' that drew out her soul until she echoed through the chambers in the bars and halls she would frequent. Free Beer each time you sing a song!  They had many good evenings!

    Times were tough, money was hard and an opportunity came that she couldn’t refuse.  She had a music following now and one of her Inspirations warned her to stick with it, as she was creating something that will go, if she goes! But, she had too. She had to do it for her daughter, it wasn’t just about her.  She came back to the town she grew up in.  She was happy to be back with her family, the people and friends that held true to her.

    She worked hard and she was alone; alone for many years, her romantically hopeful heart had reached the tip of decline. She was in desperate need of a friend, a companion, a confidant, helper, yes a Man and there he was! He was unforgettable and his love seemed undeniable which lead her heart into the romantic land of oblivion! He was a man that could provide for her; she respected him which meant so very much to her. She had become someone she never should have been however the love she felt for him and what he had for her, changed who she had become. She dyed her hair back to strawberry blonde.

     While he seemed to love her so dearly, he would also leave her; leave her as if not to even know her. She reasoned in her heart that he never meant to hurt her but her emotions out weighed her mindfulness many times. When these emotions, although normal overshadowed her judgment, she wrote songs about it. For years, she wrote and she wrote, pouring her heart out into song. Every expression was filled with raw emotion, heartbreak, hopefulness and love. After many years of her sibling prodding her to let the world hear her words and song, she gathered her friends that she met in the town far, far away; they all got together and brought her heart back to life again. 

     She remains alone and these songs are her soul ....

The Songs Bio
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