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My Baby Girl's Latest Single! "Beat of the NIght" CJ BOH
Richie Sambora Contest        At Last        Vegas        Today        Nashville        Studio Jammin'    
Benefit Concert        BCIMA's         Me & Bobby McGee

'Beat of the Night' by CJ Boh ~ that's my baby Girl!!! & still one of my Dolls

Every Road Leads Home to You - Richie Sambora Video Song Contest

Richie Sambora - Every Road Leads Home to You - Cover Contest ....I tried?....!!! 

Glen Rose & I ~ At Last

Glen was a cabin guest at my small resort - this was recorded after I had a long hard day of work and then much wine....??  Did I say I had supper?

"Glen Rose plays baritone ukulele with Barb Murphy singing, At Last." I met Barb while I was in Nakusp, BC, Canada this spring staying at her resort cabins. I was lucky enough to catch some musical moments with her. She has her own high energy rock band and entertains in the area."At Last" was written by the great Harry Warren for the Glenn Miller Band in 1942.visit to learn jazz chords."

My Baby Girl - One of the Dolls - Arbonne's Got Talent Contest

**OK EVERYBODY........Guess who made Top 5 in Arbonne’s Got Talent and will be performing in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand in the Garden Arena Saturday APRIL 28, 2012!!!! * No it’s not me but it is my Doll Crystal who is my daughter as well and I couldn’t be more tickled pink!!! The judges are, Kara DioGuardi, Sara Evans and Rodney Jerkins.I'm so proud of you my Baby!......PS......she is the only one that sang an original written song (it was one of mine, “My Darling One”….ah….!) I believe you can get tickets at Ticket Master. *See YOU in VEGAS!

Well, how did she do?........2nd Runner up! It was awesome! We all had such a great time of course – all I have to say is I love the oxygen pumped all over the MGM. It was a great experience for all of us! Thank you Arbonne! 



I wrote this song called 'Today' in 2007 after my cousin Tim Markholm passed away & never recorded in the Studio as yet. After yesterday with the tragedy that happened to CJ Boh's brought those feelings back up again of all the loved ones we've lost. Okotoks & Nakusp are small communities & when tragedy happens it really does affect us all! ♡ to all of us who wish we could have another day with those we've lost! ©2007bmurphyAllRightsReserved

Rippy's Bar & Grill, Nashville Tennesse

Came back from a little visit to Nashville Tennessee & Chico, Texas! Met a great couple, at Rippie's Bar & Grill downtown Broadway. Ryan coming from Kentucky his Dad happens to be in the inner circle of Nashville's music scene, so Ryan walked up to the band and said hey, get this girl to sing...even though I was a few tequila in...& it shows...there were some that said how great it was!! Cool, cause I'm not sure if they pack in Nashville too? Unfortunately there are no other pics of me on stage except for this not so good vid but eh...least you know it really happened!

Ummm....then I made it to Oklahoma

If you are even a little bit of a movie buff you WILL know what this is from - couldn't resist!!

Little Jammin' in the Studio

My sister Ruth, Robin and my 3 of my 4 Inspirations!! Ken Heatherington, Les Bellamy, Graham Schofield & Jimmy Dupuis is in the sound room tracking his drums - Love these guys like foreva!!

Richie Sambora
Glen & I

Floyd Vedan Benefit Concert

Just a little horsing around backstage!  

Studio Jammin'
Benefit Concert


British Columbia Interior Music Awards - Fantastic!

Me & Bobby McGee & Glen Rose

Just horsing around at home after having Glen Rose & Linda over for dinner.

Me & Bobby Mcgee
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